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Hi!! Welcome to!! This website is gets it's income from an Amazon Affiliate relationship. I started this website because I was looking for the best gaming keyboard to go with the awesome new gaming PC I built, and I couldn't find one. I did tons of research and picked all the best and newest components for my gaming computer, but when It was time to pick out a gaming keyboard I had no idea what to look for. I really didn’t want to read tons of crap and dive head first into epic amounts of research just to make sure I ended up getting an awesome gaming keyboard. I tried all the normal sites that came up in a Google search but still did not have a clear picture as to what made a keyboard an awesome gaming keyboard…

So I did end up diving into tons of articles and forums that were stuffed full of tech specs. I found that a few of the manufactures websites were sometimes helpful, but it was only helpful after I knew what I was looking for…

I think you can see where this is heading :) lol... After all this research and study I figured I had better make good use of this info I had compiled, hence was born. I am definitely an entrepreneur at heart, so when I noticed the need that hadn’t been met, my inner business man straightened his tie and smiled at the challenge…I got to work right away.

I hope you enjoy all my hard work!!